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Tax calculator - Self employed individuals in the UK

Tax year:
Jurisdiction: England & Wales     Scotland    
Basis: Weekly     Monthly     Annual     Year to date
  Annual Monthly Weekly
Income tax:
NIC Class 2:
NIC Class 4:
Total tax:
Net income:


How we calculated the taxes shown above.

The tax figures above have been based on you working the full year (52 weeks), an annual tax-free allowance of £ and no other income or expenses other than those posted above.

If your taxable income falls below £ then no Class 2 NICs are due, but you do need to apply for a Small Earnings Exemption Certificate for the tax year in question on Form CF10 which is obtainable either from your tax office, from the HMRC website at Self-employed people with small earnings or directly from us.

If you are over the State Pension Age then you will be exempt from both Class 2 and Class 4 NICs.

Please note that your actual tax assessment may vary considerably from the illustration above due to your own specific circumstances, such as any Pension Contributions and other Allowances that may apply.