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QIS Umbrella FAQ

1. When do I get paid?

We run a payroll every day of the week, excepting for UK Bank holidays. Your payment is processed on the day we receive the funds from your agency or end-client, and if your bank accepts Faster Payments your funds will be cleared that day, otherwise they will take between one and three working days to clear.

2. What are your fees?

We have a flexible fee rate based on 5% of the invoice amount (exc. VAT) subject to a minimum fee of £5 and a maximum fee of £25 per week worked. For example:

Weekly invoice Weekly fee   Weekly invoice Weekly fee
£50.00 £5.00   £300.00 £15.00
£100.00 £5.00   £400.00 £20.00
£200.00 £10.00   £500.00 £25.00

If you do not bill in a week then there is no fee. There are no joining or termination fees.

3. Can I claim expenses to offset my taxable income?

If you travel between work sites within the course of your normal working day then you can claim the mileage expense for these journeys. In addition if you do not work under (or have the right to) supervision, direction or control (SDC) then may also claim the mileage between your home and work. If not under SDC other work-related expenses may be claimed back by submitting a Form P87 to HMRC or as part of your self-assessment at the end of the financial year.

4. Are my expenses reimbursed?

No. Your allowable business mileage expenses expenses are used to offset, or reduce, your taxable income so that you benefit from a reduction in the amount of tax and national insurance that you pay. Other expenses claimed via your self assessment or P87 will (if successful) result in a tax rebate.

5. May I claim the maximum expense limit each week that I work?

You may only claim expenses that are allowable, have actually been incurred and they must be wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred in the performance of your contract.

6. How do I claim for holiday pay?

You have the option to either accrue your holiday pay or to have it paid out to you with every salary payment. If you decide to accrue your holiday pay then all you need to do is send us an email stating your holiday dates and when you want it paid we will include your accrued holiday pay on the date you specify. If you prefer to have your holiday pay included with each payment then your pay slip will show your normal earnings and your holiday pay as separate items.

7. Am I covered by insurance?

In addition to the statutory Employer's and Public Liability Insurance, we provide Professional Indemnity Cover of up to £2,000,000 which is included in your fee (subject to specific high-risk sector limitations, for example Medical, Offshore Oil and Gas, etc. — please call us for more information).

8. What income confirmation can you provide?

We can provide income confirmation and references in the event you are applying for a mortgage or a loan. There is no charge for this.

9. What should I do with my timesheets?

You will be instructed by your agency or client where to send your timesheets. Most often, your agency will require them in order to be approved, and they will then inform us of your hours. In the event you are asked to send them directly to us, you may either phone them in, fax them, email them or use our on-line timesheet submission system.

10. What should I do when my contract ends?

If you are going permanent or leaving the country, just inform us in writing and we will end your employment and send you your P45. If you are moving to another agency, just let us know in writing and we will liaise with that agency and you continue as normal.

11. Do I need to submit a personal tax return?

You will need to submit a personal tax return if instructed to do so by HMRC or you may opt to submit one if you wish to claim for business related expenses incurred during the year that you feel entitled to if you have not submitted them on a Form P87. We have a business partner who will be able to help with your tax return for a competitive fee. Call us for details.